Individuals invest their 401(K) differently, depending on their company’s modus Operandi. Some decide to have it all as a lump-cash while some others prefer to spread it over years by monthly payment. Which ever plan suits you, what remains important is to keep it invested in streams that have the best potentials for growth. What better way is there to invest if not investing in the future? What better future exists so visibly than the cryptocurrency sphere?

Though the crypto world is still undergoing a lot of foundational engineering, trying to perfect the structure and regulations that guides it workings, there is no doubt about its place in the future of human. Unlike every other nouveau technology, cryptocurrency has proven to be the fastest growing, wall shattering financial technology  which seeks to bring freedom and financial inclusion to the very roots of our financial systems via decentralization. It therefore makes more sense to take the best favourable position for a bumper harvest in the future. It is this future of bumper harvest which the crypto sphere promises that BitcoinIra brings to the table.

BitcoinIra is a California based company that basically brings a fusion between Cryptocurrencies and individual retirement accounts. Their goal is to expand the investment options available for 401(k)’ers with a specific introduction into the crypto arena. The company which started in 2015 initially offered only bitcoin as an investment option for individual retirement accounts (IRA)  owners. It has since then continued to expand its scope, giving users the opportunity to invest across various other cryptocurrency of their choice including: Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum Classic.

The entire process of having to bureaucratically process transactions around retirement savings are all becoming simplified with BitcoinIra, taking less than a minute to perform major transactions from roll over, to traditional to Roth Ira. Like the normal cryptocurrency processes, the platform is transparent and simple to operate regardless of whether users were once in a tech space or not. With a user interface that gives great customer service in navigating all operations on the website.

The company in 2018 launched a service on its platform called Self-Trader which equips users in trading cryptocurrency themselves across the various coins and tokens available on the platform. Users can now buy, sell and take positions for trading with funds directly from their individual retirement accounts. BitcoinIra has so far transacted  more than $350 million for over 4000 clients since its existence. BitcoinIra has an $100 million insurance partnership deals with BitGo which also doubles as its digital wallet provider. Registration on daily operation on the platform requires a government issued Id and a voice verification feature to transfer funds.

In recent news, the digital asset retirement provider is working on a project that would enable users to lend out their retirement funds in Cryptocurrencies at an interest rate. The program is in partnership with Genesis Trading, a successful digital asset trading company. The expected launch date is set for November with a first in-first out lending basis as they envisage that lots of customers can’t wait for the product launch.

Also, in a bid to expand its user base, BitcoinIra is planning to scrap it $3000 minimum account opening balance for a $50 automatic increment in investment monthly. Though plans have not being finalized but this step will no doubt launch the company into a more progressive deep with more responsibility as its Cryptocurrency retirement savings and investment base expands.